expunging, vacating or sealing criminal records


Ready to Erase the Past?

If you have an arrest or conviction in your past, you know that it can be a barrier to obtaining employment, housing, obtaining government benefits, voting and even impact your credit score.  There are ways to remove your criminal history records, by either Expunging, Vacating or Sealing and Destroying the record. They are different things, and in a nutshell are explained below.

Expunging a Criminal Record

Expunging a criminal record refers to removing NON CONVICTION data from the Washington State Patrol WATCH site that is used by employers, landlords and credit companies for obtaining background information. Non Conviction data typically includes arrests that did not result in a criminal conviction. If you meet the criteria, you may be eligible to have this non conviction data removed from your record.

Vacating a Criminal Conviction

Whether your past criminal conviction can be vacated will depend on if you meet the statutory requirement, which are different for misdemeanor and felony convictions. In Washington, some crimes cannot be vacated, including DUI or Physical control convictions. 

Sealing or Destroying Criminal Records vacate conviction

Sealing and Destroying records primarily has to do with crimes committed as a Juvenile, but it can also apply to some adult and civil proceedings.

Ready to Put the Past behind you?

If you are ready to put the past behind you and move forward with a clean slate, contact me today to see if you are eligible to have your criminal record expunged, vacated or sealed .

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restoration of firearms rights


In Washington State, if you have been convicted of a Felony or Domestic Violence offense, your are not eligible to possess a firearm unless you have your rights restored by petitioning the court. 

Eligibility Checklist

The factors that will determine if you are eligible to restore your rights to possess a firearm are as follows:

1. No Pending Criminal Charges either in a Washington State or Federal Court

2. No Previous Class A Felony Conviction or a Felony conviction which carried a sentence of more than 20 years

3. No Previous convictions for a Felony Sex Offense

4. No Current restraining orders issued by a Washington State or Federal Court

5. If the prior conviction was for a Felony, 5 years have passed without any new Convictions. If the prior conviction was for a Misdemeanor, 3 years must have passed.

Ready to Restore your Constitutional Rights?

I have been successful in restoring the rights to bear firearms for many individuals in Washington, and I am ready to help you get back your Second Amendment rights today!

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