DUI and department of Licensing Hearings

Have you been charged with a DUI or Physical Control?

Being charged with a DUI or Physical control is a scary experience not knowing answers to questions like: Will I lose my job? Can I still drive? Will I go to jail? Can I travel internationally with a conviction? How will my insurance be impacted? Will I have to go to alcohol/drug treatment?  Combine those fears with the fact that the DUI laws in Washington state are some of the toughest in the country and you are left feeling you may not have a chance.

I began my career working  as an intern prosecuting DUI cases when I was in law school, and after graduating, I went to work with one of the leading attorneys in DUI defense in Washington.  That was over 28 years ago, and I have not stopped aggressively defending clients charged with a DUI since. 

The laws regarding DUIs are constantly changing, and you need an attorney that can keep up to speed in order to effectively represent you.

I am here to answer all your questions about how a DUI/Physical control charge can impact you, and to develop a defense strategy so that you can feel confident about your options and getting your back to life as you knew it.


Department of Licensing Hearings

Being arrested for a DUI or for being in Physical Control also means that you will have the option of requesting a hearing with the Department of Licensing (DOL).  The action that the DOL takes against your license is a SEPARATE and ADDITIONAL proceeding from the court case.  In fact, even if the DUI were dismissed at court, the DOL still takes action to suspend your license because it is triggered by the arrest for a DUI/Physical Control.

The suspension can vary depending on whether you have previous DUI arrests, and whether you took or refused the BAC or Blood test.  It is imperative you speak with an attorney IMMEDIATELY after an arrest for DUI/Physical control regarding the DOL hearing as you only have 7 days to request a hearing with the DOL, otherwise the action to suspend your license will go into effect, without you having an opportunity to present your case.

What can an attorney do?

Prevailing in a DOL hearing is not easy, as the evidence considered by the Hearing Examiner is far less than if it were in a court as it is a civil, not criminal hearing.  It is vital you have a a lawyer that gives you every opportunity to challenge the Department's action to prevent the loss of your license, and as your attorney I am here to guide you through the entire DUI process to help you maintain your ability to drive.

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Go to the following links for more information on the penalties and suspensions resulting from DUI and Physical Control arrests.



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